Grey Round Patterns

Till my final breath

There is nothing more tragic than living an entire decade or two but still not knowing why! Average humans then and now, have never been able to completely discover why they exist, and I think it's a tragedy.

I know I won't be on earth longer (because everyone dies), but I am certain that I exist for a specific reason and task before I am no more. Desperately on my knees, I asked the manufacturer (God) to reveal my purpose on earth so that when I die (young or old), I will die empty because there is nothing left to live for.! I want to answer the question of 'why does Joseph Hallie Aadi Baart exist?' Below are some of hundred other answers to this question (for me).

Gray Foil Texture

My vision my focus

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Joseph Baart

"Creativity is not a belief or an idea; it is a biologically hidden chemistry that develops into Art. We Live and Breathe Creativity."